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Productivity Ethernet/IP Connection instructions for Rice Lake SCT-40 / Laumas TLM-8

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  • Productivity Ethernet/IP Connection instructions for Rice Lake SCT-40 / Laumas TLM-8

    I've just wrapped up a double-digit man-hours troubleshooting exercise trying to connect a Rice Lake SCT-40 Ethernet/IP Load Cell signal conditioner to a Productivity 3000 PLC. I wasted so much time on it, I figured why not waste a bit more to report my findings; maybe help someone else save time. I did finally get it to work, and here's what I found along the way...
    • The Rice Lake SCT-40 is just a re-badged Laumas TLM-8.
    • The Rice Lake manual is a half-asped result of copy/paste from a series of Laumas manuals. They left out the most important parts (like how to set the IP address) and the pertinent portions that they did copy/paste is wrong. Here's how to set the IP address (it has to be done via keypad):
      Click image for larger version

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    • The information in the Rice Lake manual is wrong, because the information in the Laumas manual is wrong. Here's a manual excerpt showing specifically some of the info that's wrong (almost every single important parameter):
      Click image for larger version

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    • The content of the Rice Lake EDS file is wrong.
    • The only place where correct info can be found, is in the Laumas EDS file, which you have to register and wait several days to obtain.
    • Even once you have the Laumas EDS file, it won't work with Productivity, because productivity adds 4 bytes to T>O and O>T for some run/idle header. When using the EDS file, Productivity Suite forces the Laumas byte values and you cannot change them to account for this.

    If you want to make an SCT-40 or TLM-8 work with Productivity, here are the settings you need to use. Don't bother with the EDS file, just use a generic EIP client and fill in these values:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Hey thanks for sharing Stanton! You never know when this might help someone in the future.


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      Thanks Strantor for your post! I was struggling with the exact same issues and luckily found your post to get it connected.
      Did you every figure out how to tare the meter via a serial command?
      I tried everything from the Laumas manual, with no success. I had to use a PLC output to get the job complete.