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Productivity Ethernet/IP Connection instructions for Toshiba AS3 VFD

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  • Productivity Ethernet/IP Connection instructions for Toshiba AS3 VFD

    I connected a Toshiba AS3 VFD today with my P3000 and was amazed! For the very first time with any device so far, it was as simple as importing the EDS file into the hardware config and assigning tags, and it worked right out of the box. Sorta. For some reason the Toshiba EDS file specifies RPI times from 2 seconds to 53 minutes, with a default of 10 seconds, and Productivity Suite will not allow you to enter a value outside that range. I've been using 250mSec for all my other devices so far, and once the system is complete, I plan to optimize those times even lower, especially for the VFDs. I want the response time of my VFDs to be humanly imperceptible. The times specified in the EDS file are not logical. Default of 10 seconds? Who is really "OK " with telling a motor to stop, and having not obey for a whole 10 seconds? In what application is that acceptable? And a minimum of 2 seconds? I was beginning to get nervous about these 10 drives that just arrived.

    I looked through the Toshiba Embedded Ethernet Manual as well as the App Notes for setting up EIP, and there was no mention of RPI time. However I did find drive parameter C666 ("Embedded Ethernet I/O Scan Timeout Detection Time", which has a setting range of 0.1S - 30.0S, which implies (to me) that the drive is meant to be capable of very fast communication, and something does not jive between the manual and the EDS file.

    So I deleted the AS3 that I had entered into to HW Config, and I opened up the EDS in notepad and made a few changes. Then imported the modified EDS, re-created my AS3 drive in HW Config, and used an RPI time of 250mSec, same as all my other devices, and it works great so far.

    These are the specific changes I made:


    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I cannot fathom why they put those values in the EDS, but from where I stand, they're obviously erroneous. Maybe they're microseconds? is there another PLC vendor which interprets these values as uSec? That would make more sense... min: 2mS, max: 3.2s, default: 10mS