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SOLO 9696 connect to RS485 to WiFi Convertor

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  • SOLO 9696 connect to RS485 to WiFi Convertor

    Hello Everybody!

    I connected my SOLO 9696 to a RS485 to WiFi Converter to transmit the signal wireless to my pc. I also installed a Wifi antenna at my computer. Unfortunately I can not connnect the Solo Configuration Software with my SOLO device.

    Does anyone know, if it is even possible to connect the SOLO 9696 to the software via wifi?? And if yes? How should it work?

    Best regards,

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    My first thought is you need a way to "convert" the received WiFi into a com port that SoloSoft can recognize and connect to. Methinks this is part of how SoloSoft was programmed... they didn't know about the WiFi, so it probably won't show up in "Add device"


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      Does the manufacture of the "RS485 to WiFi Converter" supply a device driver that gives you a "virtual com port" (as if you had an actual RS485 adapter on the computer) ? if they do I imagine you'll have to use it. Since connecting to a Solo via WiFi seems like a rather unusual application I doubt Solosoft has the ability to use WiFi (or Ethernet) directly


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        It sounds like you need a wireless RS485 transmitter/receiver instead of an RS485 Wifi unit.
        Something like this:
        The other option would be to use a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP converter.
        Here is a thread on it.
        Hope this helps you out.
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