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P2-550 Modbus RTU to Sureservo

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  • P2-550 Modbus RTU to Sureservo

    We have two SureServo Drives Node Numbers 4 & 5. Node 1 PLC , 2 and 3 are Tempature Controllers that are working. Using Modbus write cmd and not getting Success when triggered. Com settings same as Temp Controllers. We have tryed word swap and mapping 16 to 32. Any help would be great.........

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    Are you using serial communications?


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      I notice that the map 32 bit to 16 bit only appears when you try to write multiple registers. Try starting out by just writing a single register until you figure it out and then switch and try writing multiple ones.

      Make sure the tag data you are writing is in the correct data format for the servo drive. I have only written to a servo drive with a DL06 before and not a productivity, but in my DL06 program my data was in binary form that I was writing. Not sure if it needs to be but my program always worked correctly and the number in the parameter being written was already correct. It doesnt look like productivity soiftware has an instruction to convert to binary format, so hopefully being in binary isnt a requirement and a regular integer will work.


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        MikeN, Yes I am using the CPU-485 port. I think I have tried both word swap and the 32 to 16 bit mapping with no success, I am running tests today trying to get the 2 Temp Controllers on nodes 2 and 3 to talk all on the same port. Nothing in the servo manual about the format. Thanks