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Modbus TCP over Hughesnet

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  • Modbus TCP over Hughesnet

    Hello all, new to the site.

    I'm trying to pass ModbusTCP (502) over hughes net, for my testing there are no filters, firewall, vpn etc. I can see that the traffic is passing through my Hughesnet router and getting to my ScadaPack with a network sniffer to the proper port and the ScadaPack is trying to reply back but I simply can't connect to it, it just doesn't work.

    Is there a special trick to get ModbusTCP to work over Hughesnet while using NAT (modem doesn't support bridge mode)

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    Does the ScadaPack have a gateway address configured (LAN side of the router)?


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      I doubt the issue has anything to do with who your internet provider is. More likely it is an issue how how one of the LANs and/or control systems are configured.

      Are you using a VPN to create a secure tunnel between sites?


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        Is there a connection timeout value you can increase to allow for the satellite based internet to complete the transmissions? I had satellite internet a few years ago and the actual ping times were around 6000ms. The provider I used had some tricks they used which worked fairly well for fooling a regular browser into working a little better, but with a typical satellite being over 22,000 miles away, you either need to allow for delays or invent a machine to overcome the speed of light.


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          I'm with OkiePC. Having supported a few satellite internet installs, they can be a nightmare on latency. I'd bet dollars to donuts that it's timing out.