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Modbus RTU for remote temperature sensing

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  • Modbus RTU for remote temperature sensing

    Hi all,
    I need to take remote temperature measurements (12 max locations, 3 measurements per location). I intend to use Modbus RTU to my Click PLC. I am looking at the King Pigeon DAM124 Modbus module. It has 4 PT100 inputs. They provide a Configurator, presumably to program the modules. King Pigeon is a Chinese company, and I cannot find any useful information about using the Configurator. Anyone have any experience with the DAM series modules?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions about how to accomplish this? My budget for the project cannot handle any solution that is too expensive. These modules are around $35, so they seem pretty appealing. In addition to the 3 temperature inputs, I need one relay output.

    Here is a link to their site...


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    Wow, what a site. What documentation
    4.1.4 Testing the DAM124
    1. Please reference the abovementioned wiring connection to finished the connection. Please only switch on the
    DAM124 before you'’re sure the connections are correct. After connected the power, the RUN LED indicator will
    flick according to refresh time that you set.
    Default is Address 1, baud rate 9600bps, data format: n,8,1, refresh time:720ms.
    Please only switch on the DAM124 before you’'re sure the connections are correct.

    I did find the software
    I do NOT have any experience with this brand.
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      I realize this is old, however if anyone needs an answer, this works:
      I bought a hitsan temperature and humidity sensor working on rs485 modbus. From amazon, however from aliexpress price is less than half. This sensor works up tp 70 Celsius, is for ambiental temperature in habitable location. Click programming is a snap. Oh, and I use a 410s Ethernet to rd485 gateway, which I connect to click through an Ethernet switch ( using Ethernet port on click). Because this way I have modbus spread over either rs485 or Ethernet.
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