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    I am trying to run two instances of the Click PLC software and trying to connect to two different Click's through ethernet. Is this possible? I have the PLC's connected as a Slave and Master through Ethernet as well. The PLC to PLC communications is not the problem. Any help would be appreciated. To clarify this I want to be able to be online with both PLCs and switching between the two instances of the software running for programming during setup. Not having to disconnect from 1 PLC and then connect to the other. So far I have not been successful. Thank you
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    You can open multiple instances of the Click software and monitor/program multiple plc's at the same time.
    I have a lot of Click plc units being used as remote IO to a master plc.
    When setting up or troubleshooting, I connect to each slave in its own instance and also to the master to see values being gathered by slaves and brought in to the master through modbus.


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      Thank you for the response. When I try and do this after being connected to the master or the slave the other software instance I have open will not display either PLC when trying to establish communication. I even tried connecting to one through Ethernet and the other through serial. This brings up the PTC007 error I believe. It seems like that if one instance is connected the other will not try and establish a connection, if this makes sense.

      Thank you


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        The error PTC007 - Cannot connect to the PLC - at first glance looks like a connection or unique id problem.

        Going down a short list...
        Is the computer and both PLC's set to different IP addresses in the same domain?

        With each PLC having its own program file, can you open and connect to each plc one at a time by ethernet?
        If you can connect to each plc by itself and not to both, maybe respond with an attachment of the program for both PLC's along with their settings.


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          Master -
          PC -

          I can connect to each PLC one at a time over Ethernet but not at the same time. Attached is the program files
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            I loaded both programs onto C0-10DD2E-D Clicks and could not duplicate the problem.
            Was able to connect with both at the same time.
            Are you going through a router or just an ethernet switch?

            Click image for larger version

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              Are there other devices talking to the Click plc's?
              This Ethernet Port can establish the connections with three Clients (Masters) and four Servers (Slaves) at the same time.
              Maximum Concurrent Sessions: This is the Maximum number of clients that this Port can handle as server at the same time. This parameter is fixed to 3.


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                One other thing that may be affecting the comms is the small time base for the Send/Receive instructions.
                Currently it is at a 10ms timer to switch between Send and Receive.
                Increase this time to 1 sec and see if it helps.
                If so, then reduce the time incrementally.