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HuanYang vfd inverter not responding on modbus

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  • HuanYang vfd inverter not responding on modbus

    I have a HuanYang inverter- the Hy family, there is only one product manual.
    I did the reset using value 8 on parameter PD13
    then I have reset the pd1(2), pd2(2), pd163(3), pd164(1), pd165(3).
    i only have two devices on modbus, a hitsan thermal sensor working fine and the vfd. No termination resistor, star topology. Remark: daisy chain topology canít be implemented on rs485 because devices donít have input and output ports, they all connect in parallel to bus lines using one port.
    now the problem: the vfd is silent. No activity, no matter what I tried on configuring the serial comm.
    and the question: Is there something obvious that i am missing in setting the vfd for modbus? Appreciate a reply from someone who actually worked with this family or vfd.