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P3000 to GS4 via Modbus TCP

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  • P3000 to GS4 via Modbus TCP

    First time post - Wondering has anybody ever read from a GS4 drive to a P3000 via Modbus TCP?
    I am an old school wiring guy. Communications (Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus, etc) has always been my weak area - I watched the video on how to write to the GS4 via Modbus TCP and it worked perfectly for a 6 drive system I installed in Sarasota, but I wanted to expand its/my capabilities by being able to read from the drive as well.
    Probably to most - this would be a simple - but for some reason it does not click with me how the tables are used and how you extract that information from the drive - anyways any help/videos/lessons/etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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    What all parameters do you want to read? WIth modbus, to read from the drive, the P3000 (master/client) will send a query to the GS4 (slave/server) the query will have all the information that the GS4 needs in order to know what data to respond with. It is best if you want multiple data registers to try to read all in a continuous set. By that I mean if you want data at 40001 and at 40005, it is best to request all of the data from 40001 to 40005 and just disregard what you are not interested in. This is due to the way modbus messaging works, if you want all of he data, that is one message. IF you break it up, you must send a message per data set.

    If you want to tell me what data you are wanting to get, I will attempt to through together a sample bit of code.


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      I am basically looking to read the status of the drive - run, at frequency, current frequency, etc.
      I certainly appreciate the feedback.


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        Here is an example project. I have not tested this, but it should be very close and should get you started.


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          #g.mccormick - Thanks - will be checking out.
          Might have some questions for you
          Thanks again,


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            remember that it may not quite work.... I don't have drive here to debug on. I do have a gs1 drive in my garage and P2k. If I get a chance, i may try them together.