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    Good morning Guys
    I got a 10in C-more touch Panel and I want to use it to send me alarms and more.. I set everything up and I'm trying to use Gmail to send the alarm to my phone via text ... The problem is every time it tries to send a alarm gmail blocks it... Here is the message i get .... Check your Google Account security status

    What am I missing???


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    I believe G-Mail requiers ssl do you have that selected?


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      Per the C-more email application note:

      "Under Settings and the “Accounts and Import” page, there is a “Grant access to your account:” setting. This simply allows other email addresses to be used with this account. Add an additional email to this account. It doesn’t really matter what email address is used. Just by virtue of using this setting, the permissions are relaxed for other devices to send emails with this account credentials."


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        I have tried that already but still doesn't work...



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          In the C-More project check the following:

          Email Client Tab:
          Mail Address (sender): Has the email address you're using for the panel
          Send Mail Server: If using Gmail, then
          Port: 465 - Check the SSL box
          SMTP Authentication: Enter the email address from above (Mail Address Sender) and the password for this account.

          DNS Tab:
          Since you're using a name for the Send Mail Server (, rather than an IP, you'll need to use a DNS Server. I use Google's.

          Ethernet Port tab
          You're trying to leave your local network and get out into the real world with an email. So, you'll need to set the default gateway of your project to the router's local IP.

          The last two things to check in your project are the Address Book for your mail recipients and your Event Manager that will trigger the email.

          In your Google account under "Sign In & Security" there is a radio button for selecting whether or not to allow less secure apps to access the account. This needs to be enabled. I have included an image.

          I use Gmail for my C-More EA9 panels and my Do-More processors.

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            The above link will show you how to set up Restricted Gmail SMTP server. This is for the Do-More but you could adapt.