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Can I get data over ethernet port on EA7-T8C using an OPC server?

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  • Can I get data over ethernet port on EA7-T8C using an OPC server?

    I have 3 Hmi touchscreens on a machine, all EA7-T8C with Ethernet. The first one is connected to a D4-D450.
    Then all 3 are connected to each other over ethernet using an unmanaged switch.

    I need to add an ethernet connection to this machine so management can get some production data
    out of the PLC. Doesn't have to be a lot of data points.
    Is there a way I could create a page on these HMIs that contains the production data
    and then get the data over this ethernet connection with an OPC server?

    If that does not work I will have to add an Ethernet module to the rack. Unfortunately there is not room
    in the existing rack so I will have to relocate an existing I/O card to a new expansion rack - unless
    somebody has a better idea.

    Any ideas?

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    Will modbus tcp work for you?

    If so on an ea9 you can make a tag event and right a tag to a modbus adress. I am doing that in a ea9 to make several GE PLCs tags available to a productivity 3000
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      I have the older EA7-T8C. Can I do that with this older unit? I don't see any details on how to do this.
      What volume of data could I send this way? 50 integers once a minute is about what I need.
      If I need to buy an EA9 unit to get this feature, thats a possibility.


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        I am fairly certain a ea7 can do it but I got on the bus at ea9. I work night shift so when I get in I can take a few screen shots of how I set it up, but I am using the event manager to copy the tags.

        50 intergers once a min shouldn't be a problem at all

        From the ea7 spec sheet it looks like it should be able to do it from the event manager
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          i am sure there are other ways to do it but this works
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