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Two questions: 1) static IP 2) VPN

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  • Two questions: 1) static IP 2) VPN


    I am quoting a panel that needs remote access (customer wants to turn on and off pumps and look at flows via a web like page), have the panel send a daily e-mail with flow totals and send e-mails if there is a problem.

    I have done local panels up till now but nothing with remote (especially cellular) access.

    I have put up a couple of posts and think I am "close" .... just a few more questions that have come up.

    I am going to use a BRX PLC to control the pumps, read the 4-20 mA signals from the flow meters, do the totalizing and send out the e-mails. I will use a C-more touch panel to do the remote access to turn on and off the pumps.

    Sooooo now my questions:

    My client uses Verizon wireless (no other internet access). This means I can't use the Stridelinx VPN router. I have found several third party modems. I can get a SIM card from Verizon for free if I sign up for a data only plan.

    1) do I need a fixed IP address? I have never used one but it was mentioned to me that I might because this panel is hosting ??? Something about the web must know where to access ?????? I tried to read up but could not find anything on this. It makes a big difference since I then need a business account with Verizon (only way to get a static IP) and there is a one time fee of $500 for the static IP.

    2) since I can't use the Stridlinx, I was going to put a Router between the my two units (the plc and cmore) and the modem. If found a Linksys LRT 214. I picked this because it says "Open VPN Server Support". If I use this router (or one like it), what else do I need to get a VPN connection? Do I need to purchase a service or software or both ????? I tried to read up on VPN's. I understand what they are but am not sure what I need to set it up.

    I appreciate any help!

    Thanks so much again ..... Mike

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    See if the modems can use a 'dynamic dns' service. (Some are free or minimal cost) You establish a user account with a unique name at the service. As the modem powers up and receives an IP it then connects to the dynamic dns server and reports its current IP. The service provides a translation from your link name to the current IP it has for the modem. So you can deal with varying IPs. But you would still have security issues to deal with.



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      I am using dynamic multi point VPN solution from cisco. Routers like C871 or C881 are not too expensive and at the end i have absolutely independent (from dynamic DNS and other "VPN" and DNS providers) secure network.


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        You asked two different questions, first one is static ip. You can get it from vpn service or internet service provider. But if you just want to get a vpn, I suggest you to make a salf hosted vpn in your home internet. This is little bit hard to do but you can configure it with this guide.


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          I use the Digi Transport WR31 for my verizon clients.
          Verizon has a M2M program that works well and is nicely priced.
          They do offer Static IPs for a one time fee and if it's a government agency they waive it.
          However use a switch the second port on the WR31 does some weird things on cellular reconnect, I think it was designed as a port to slap the VPN on.

          Nobody in Water/Wastewater will use any service but verizon and they all are terrified about the cloud.
          If somebody at AD could get that through their head and offer me something I could sell, please.
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