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GS4-CM-ENETIP Communication With Allen Bradley Logix 5000

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  • GS4-CM-ENETIP Communication With Allen Bradley Logix 5000

    Has anybody had experiences controlling the GS4 drive with Logix 5000? I have the EDS file loaded but something doesn't feel right about it. Watching the video I should be able to write the command frequency to Byte [2] and [3] of the output buffer. These are SINT's.

    If I follow their video but want to command 10Hz that would put 3 in Byte[3] and 232 in Byte [2]. 232 cannot go in Byte [2] because it is a SINT.

    What am I missing?

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    I think I have myself straightened out. When I calculate the 10Hz speed for byte[2] it displays -24 because it is a SINT; instead of 232 if it were an INT. I have convinced myself this is not an issue because the drive doesen't look at the decimal number. It is only looking at the bits. The bit configuration for 232 and -24 are the same.