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  • Click Basic Need ASCII Out

    I have a system with a Click Basic Ethernet PLC and a C-More HMI installed on Com-2. I use the ethernet port with a wireless router for programming.

    Is there a way to use the ethernet port to transmit ASCII out of the PLC when it is running? Data such as flow rates from the flowmeter.

    I would want to connect via a pc using a terminal program. (Initially - ultimately VPN through cellular to a web site.)


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    Click Help Topic CL211
    Ethernet Port
    2 Protocol: This Port only supports the MODBUS TCP Protocol.
    Maybe a Serial-Ethernet adapter.
    I have used GridConnect NET232.
    There are other modules, and opinions on each!
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      Ok so I probably need a standard click if I want eathernet, C-More and data.


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        I have the plc connected to a switch which in turn is onnected to a range extender. This way I can see the plc on wifi.

        Also so connected to the switch is a usr-tcp232-410s; this is a tcp to either rs232 or rs485.
        i have a temp sensor connected on rs485 which I can access from plc using modbus protocol. I can see the temp value on computer and if I had a modbus tcp hmi I could send data from plc to it.
        you can send ASCII either vie modbus ASCII or via rs232 or rs485. The only concern is wether you block a plc port for that or not.