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Click PLC Com Port 1 Ethernet/Modbus TCP

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  • Click PLC Com Port 1 Ethernet/Modbus TCP


    I have a project in which the RS232 and RS485 ports are connected to bar code scanners. The application is to read two bar codes and check if they match. If they match then send the barcode information to a Thin Client running a keyboard wedge software for printing a label. I was brought in the project late and found out they were planning on using com port #1. My understanding is they can't use it as such if the keyboard wedge can't accept the Modbus TCP protocol. If the keyboard wedge software needs ASCII characters to be passed to it then it would appear I need a gateway such as:

    The other issues the Thin Client doesn't have a serial port so then I'll need a serial to ethernet or serial to usb converter. Anyone have one they recommend?

    Lastly, is there any other way to do this that i am not thinking about?

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    I would use a second click and network the two together. Cheaper and more flexibility.


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      Click plc accepts ASCII (protocol) over serial port. It should work over Ethernet port as well.
      if you have a click plc with Ethernet port, then set it up to send ASCII and it should work.
      if not, then try to find a means to adapt your printer USB to serial.
      i have an interface for Ethernet to rs485 which allows me to access devices on rs485 while plc is on Ethernet, but that works with modbus.


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        Looking for some help on this.

        I have the 2 bar code scanners reading the top and bottom codes properly (RS232 and RS485). I take the text from each store in a double word and compare them. If they match I send the TXT registers to a PC via Port 1 Modbus. However it appears the keyboard wedge software (TWedge) doesn't understand Modbus TCP properly. I get a bunch of special characters followed by the first character, then characters 2&3, 4&5, 6&7 etc are swapped followed by special characters and then the last character.

        What are my option:

        1. TWedge software has a javascript scripting function that I might be able to capture the data, split and reorganize the array. I haven't done anytime of javascript programming in years
        2. Can I reuse the RS484 port and send an ASCII message to the PC via a RS484 to usb converter and parallel the wiring on the terminal blocks?
        3. I have 2 Click PLC's (only 1 with an ethernet port). Can I do 1 scanner to RS232 (PLC1), 1 scanner RS485 (PLC1) then send a message from PLC 1 to PLC 2 vis RS484 then the bar code information via RS232 ASCII to the PC via an RS232 to USB converter?

        Input is appreciated.
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