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KEPDirect boolean tag problem

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  • KEPDirect boolean tag problem

    Hello everyone!

    I'm having a small issue with a system that i'm building.

    My setup is: Productivity 3000 (P3-550E CPU) - Kep Direct OPC - DAQ Factory HMI

    When reading integer (s16, s32) tags from the CPU with the KEPDirect, I have no problems. So communications is fine.
    However when reading boolean type tags, the values that I'm getting are 0 for LOW and -1 for HIGH.
    In other words when I set a bit in the cpu, the OPC reads it like a -1 not a 1.
    Is there a whay to change this, so that the OPC reads just 1. Or do I have to acomodate this in my HMI software to read a -1 as a High bit?

    Thanks in advace. Any help is very much appreciated.