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StrideLinx as an eWon replacement

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  • StrideLinx as an eWon replacement

    I got one on my test bench this week for the first time to compare against an eWon Cozy.

    The StrideLinx is superior in ease of setup and navigation. It also topped out at higher upload and download speeds. It's too bad that the mobile app isn't a full-fledged VPN like the (poorly-named) eCatcher app.

    Our engineers use minimal tools to troubleshoot operator panels. With an eWon, they can log in via their phones and take a look at the C-more. There is no equivalent with the StrideLinx. Hopefully this can be implemented sooner than later. Until then, we will continue with the eWons (also poorly-named).

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    I use Red Lion HMIs with the Stridelinx and we are able to use the phone app to access their web servers (which is literally browser based control of the screen as if you are standing in front of it).

    have noticed with the newer CR series web server that there were some settings I had to change from the default to get good results. In the older HMIs programmed with Crimson 3.0, the default web server settings worked fine, but the new (much faster btw) web server programmed with Crimson 3.1 has some things that needed attention otherwise I would get a blank screen or partially painted one in any browser.

    The only time I use the VPN connection is when I need to perform ladder logic editing or monitoring or to upload and download to a remote PLC or HMI. I can't perform those tasks from the phone anyway, so I have not experienced any real deficiency in performance compared to the eWon. My comments are not necessarily relevant to the c-more, but there may be some similarity for you.

    I agree that the Stridlinx is easier to set up and it is also less likely to make a mistake. I once locked myself (and the rest of the users) out of a Cosy while trying to make a settings change to allow outgoing emails from a Red Lion HMI. I had to drive 200 miles to plug in directly in order to fix it. I have not had anything close to that happen with a Stridelinx.
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      Thanks for chiming in! I keep hearing about Red Lion, though I have no experience with their products.

      I'm going to make some assumptions, please correct me if I'm wrong. You have a Red Lion HMI plugged into the LAN side of a StrideLinx, and are able to connect through the Red Lion phone app thanks to your having setup a web server on the panel. You are not connecting through the StrideLinx phone app. Correct?

      Thanks again for your comments. I really feel like the C-more is a great product up until the point that it needs to be remotely accessed over the internet. It's at that point that it falls on its face.


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        Orion, I've installed one eWon and countless StrideLinx units (one of which replaced the eWon, actually).

        There's definitely a deficiency regarding mobile VPN, but I hold out hope that it's in the cards.

        In the meantime, for troubleshooting with a C-More panel, I just enable the webserver and add links to the individual pages. I've even made extra screens that help me troubleshoot without clicking, so I can at least answer a customer question while I'm on my way back to my laptop.

        And yes, C-More could definitely use some updating when it comes to remote access. And screen load times.


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          Ah, hope. I remember having that. I can recall the rumblings that the C-more, when moving to its current main version number (6), would get better logging tools, like a date picker. I remember posting a detailed (and informative, backed by science) critique of the C-more remote access app, in the hope that it would be taken under review and the product could be improved. Then the post was deleted by someone at C-more.

          The Stride team is, hopefully, a different team than C-more. But things around here have a history of going a very long time without improving. I'll keep an ear to the ground anyway.

          Great idea with your usage of the Web Server!


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            Originally posted by Orion HE View Post
            ...You have a Red Lion HMI plugged into the LAN side of a StrideLinx, and are able to connect through the Red Lion phone app thanks to your having setup a web server on the panel. You are not connecting through the StrideLinx phone app. Correct?
            EDIT: Not quite. The Red Lion HMI and a PLC are plugged into the LAN side of the stridelinx. The Red Lion Web server is basically a virtual HMI in a web browser. To access it remotely, I use the Stridlinx phone app or the browser based connection from a PC with or without the VPN connection turned on.

            The only time I must use the VPN connection is to perform PLC editing or to upload and dowload to the PLC or HMI.

            In the Crimson software for the Red Lion HMI, enabling the web server is a tickbox. Once enabled, there are a handful of settings you can change as well as security that can be applied. I do have a couple of old systems in which the HMI is directly connected to the internet with a static IP. On those, we definitely add security so that you need a password to gain access. On those that are behind the VPN routers, I don't add the extra security, just click the tickbox and it works. Inside the HMI application, to make changes, there is another layer of security that applies whether you are standing in front of it or via remote access.

            I have only done one C-more project per customer spec. and it went well since it was pretty simple and did not require remote access so I didn't learn about how it compares with the Red Lion in that aspect.

            I also ended up replacing the sole eWon with a Stridelinx. It was experiencing intermittent outages that seemed to last several hours at a time. Power cycling it would bring it back. I had a Stridelinx on my desk, so I swapped them rather than go through a laborious troubleshooting process. Now I have an eWon sitting on my desk that I may end up using again someday, but I have a sticky note on it explaining the problem it had (that the Stridelinx doesn't seem to have).
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              I've experienced that exact issue with a couple of eWons. Thanks for the extra detail!