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Multiple HMIs connected to (1) Click PLC

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  • Multiple HMIs connected to (1) Click PLC

    I want control a single PLC from multiple locations via HMIs. What is the easiest way to do this?

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    With the C-more EA9 HMI you can connect to the PLC trough another C-more. i am not sure what version of Click you are using but you should be able to connect 1 C-more to it using serial (or ethernet if you have an ethernet Click) and use an ehternet switch to connect the C-mores together. In the panel manager on the right hand side there is a radio button that says connect through another panel. on the panels that are not directly connected to the Click use that radio button and then select the C-more that is connected to the click with the select IP address button.


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      If the CLICK and HMIís are Ethernet, then just place them all on the same network and have each HMI targeting the IP Address of the CLICK. Keep in mind that the PLC can only respond to one request at a time. So, you may need to stagger the poll times of the HMIs so that everyone gets a turn.

      If youíre using a serial connection, then z28z34man has a good suggestion for you.