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Producitivity 3000, Fanuc R30iA, and Ethernet/IP

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  • Producitivity 3000, Fanuc R30iA, and Ethernet/IP

    Hi all.
    Just wondering if anyone has experience communicating via Ethernet/IP to a Fanuc robot (settings should the same for pretty much any controller).
    I've contacted Fanuc and it looks like we have everything setup as they require currently to have the robot operate as a adapter (with the PLC as the scanner).
    So far though I continue to get the message "Invalid segment in path".
    I've attached the link to pictures of the different screens.
    Has anyone dealt with this before?
    I've done this many times with AB and it was much simpler to setup so I'm not sure what I'm missing exactly.

    I can send the adpro file if anyone would be able to help.

    Thank you.

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    Are you certain of your words/bytes settings? It looks wrong to me, but I am not familiar with Fanuc.

    You have 4 words in Fanuc, which I assume are DINTS, or 32 bit words. You have 8 bytes in Productivity, which is 2, 32 bit words... a byte is only 8 bits.


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      Try enabling the Configuration data option in the Productivity Series. Attach screenshots of each of the Scanner setup (input, output, config) in Productivity Suite.

      See below similar issue by another customer:


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        Hello Kyle,

        Were you able to make any progress? I am stuck at the same issue of "Invalid Segment in Path" for tag Msg1StatusDesc. as per the last comment on your post Mr. P3K_ADC_Eng Directed you towards a post where final solution was to enable the configuration data while setting up a Generic Client, But in my case the issue still persist. I am trying to setup Ethernet IP Connection between Fanuc Robot and Productivity PLC. If I use the EDS file from Fanuc for this robot, Config Data is greyed out with "Enable Configuration data" as unchecked and one can't make any changes to that part. So I manually entered all the value and checked the enable config data option kept the data size for CONFIG DATA as Zero which is recommended in Robot's manual but no success

        I would really appreciate if you could provide any update on this.

        Thank you
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          I was able to successfully establish connection without any errors turn out IO size for IN and OUT between Adapter (Robot) and Scanner (PLC) was not same.


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            Has ADC come up with a patch for this issue in the P1. I found another post where the user sent in Wireshark captures and ADC admitted that there was a problem and they would be fixing it. That was January 2018. I just started using the EIP function to try and talk to a Cutler Hammer SPX 9000 drive and I am getting the "invalid segment in path error message. The EDS file supplied by Eaton for this drive has configure greyed out so I cannot try it. I have not tried it with the P2-550 or the P3-550 since we have already bought the PLC's and now I need to make it work.

            I have attached my project (you will have to change the extension from .txt to .adpro). The yaskawa EIP works just like it should. I really could use some help on this.

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