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IO Link Flow Meter Reset

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  • IO Link Flow Meter Reset

    Hey All,

    I am in the Productivity Suite trying to communicate with an IFM IOlink master AL1920 with a SM9000 flow meter on it. I am connected as an Ethernet/IP device. I can read the flow/temp/total no issue. For the life of me I can not send an output to reset the totalizator. Has anyone had luck getting output to work for this?

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    do you have the AL1x2x Acyclic Commands manual? it would be in the Allen Bradley section of the Ethernet IP start up package. starting on page 22 shows how to send commands. the first link is where to download the manuals and the second link is to the IODD pdf. of note here is Allen Bradley arrays start at 0 and the productivity series start at 1 so you will need to go one word and bit higher than what is in the manual. let me know if that doesn't work. i dont have a sm9000 or an AL1920 but i an sure it will be able to test with the AL1122 that i have$file/ifm-SM9000-20170906-IODD11-en.pdf
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      Thanks for the reply! I am using assembly 151 for the output which did not use the acyclic commands. I am guessing the only way to communicate is with the acyclilc?


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        I was able to solve it, it has to be acyclic command to work, on top of that the documentation was misleading as it showed the trigger bit as the LSB of the byte but actually it was the MSB