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Do-More H2, Ethernet and Keyence SR-1000

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  • Do-More H2, Ethernet and Keyence SR-1000

    I'm trying to connect and control a Keyence SR-1000 via ethernet with a Do-More H2 PLC. Has anyone had success doing this? Any example programs to share? I've tried to set up the EIPMSG instruction several different ways without success. I get either one of two different warnings with each try, a timeout warning or a cannot open the TCP connection warning. Any ideas are appreciated.

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    I was able to connect to an SR-1000 using the TCP connection. You will need to use a H2-DM1E in order to connect to it using the ethernet port on the CPU. First thing you will need to have the settings set correctly for the SR-1000. If you follow the prompts it doesn't actually enter any information in the ethernet data server field in AutoID network. I have a screen shot linked. I did also connect to an HR-100 with a N-L20 interface within the same program. You will want to establish a TCP connection using Open TCP Connection and then use StreamIN to access the ASCII information. The program I used is attached as well.
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