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D2-250-1 stopped communicating

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  • D2-250-1 stopped communicating


    I have a D2-250-1 CPU plugged into a D2-09B-1 base. I initially plugged my computer to the CPU to program it using DirectSoft 5 and had no issues connecting. After adding in extra modules and wiring everything up, the CPU suddenly stopped communicating with my computer as well as the HMI screen it was connected to. I swapped out the CPU and got the same issue. I noticed that when the base only has the CPU plugged in, it flashes the green run light. When I plug in other modules, this flashing goes away. I've confirmed that there is no issue with my computer, the comm port, or my communication cable because i was able to connect to another PLC without a problem.

    Any ideas? Potentially short circuit or firmware updating issue?

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    Overloading the base power supply? Refer to the individual module documentation. Add up the current consumption especially five volts. Compare to that provided by the base power supply. Test by removing modules one at a time, turn off power while removing the modules then turn back on.