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f0-cp128 program access error

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  • f0-cp128 program access error

    I've been having com issues between my fo-cp128 and dl06 (d0-06dd1) and just used the clr all jumper to reset the co-processor. It seems to be talking fine with the plc, but the only program i am able to edit is program 0.. whenever i try to add or edit another program i get a "PROGRAM ACCESS" error message . Does anyone know how to fix this??

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    You can only edit the contents of program 0 (PROGRAM 0 or PRM 0).

    The SAVE command copies the contents of the currently selected program to the next available saved program space.

    The EDIT command copies the currently selected program to PRM0 so it can be edited.

    The command PRM# (replace # with program number) is used to select the program space. The command prompt tells you which program space you are operating on, If it is program space 0 you would see:

    PRM 0

    See chapter 2 of the FA-BASIC-M for an overview of the BASIC intepreter operation: