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  • Syslog for PLC

    Hi. I tried to find any info about syslog on this forum - nothing. So question is: Is it possible to send s syslog messages from PLC to server without implementation it in leader logic? I'm talking about PAC or DoMore PLCs.

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    Not without ladder logic, no.
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      Ok. First of all thanks for answer. Seems like nobody needs syslog functionality in PLC. Whatever if someone need it - please see below:
      So we need:
      Wireshark (for reverse engineering syslog messages) I did not want to read RFC...
      tftpd32 - as the easiest way to have syslog server
      and any Linux PC (raspberry PI works perfect) as syslog messages generator from CLI
      So how to send syslog message to our syslog server:

      logger -n System rebooted blah blah blah

      and after this you can see this message in wireshark...
      aaaand seems like syslog message it is just string with some
      "facility code" descriptor at the beginning.
      So if you type "echo "<13> 1 System rebooted" | nc -u -q0 514"
      you will see USER.NOTICE message type with text "1 System rebooted" on our syslog server
      which is today

      PLC has to have possibility to send UDP messages to IP address and port.
      In DoMore we have this as a command PACKETOUT (read about it in the help file)
      So - one rung starts with ST4 bit and PACKETOUT as our OUT.
      Type something in "String Stream" (like <13> $date $time my message)
      and you can see your message every second in our syslog file.
      <13> it is our facility code or syslog message type. (read about it in google)

      Any questions?