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Cannot link to DL250-1

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  • Cannot link to DL250-1


    I am having some troubles trying to connect to the DL250-1 CPU.

    I am using a USB to SERIAL (prolific driver installed and tested the cable works) using Port 2 with a serial to hd15 adapter.

    When I try connecting I constantly get a no response from PLC. I tried a changing to a bunch of other COM port but still nothing.

    Am I missing some other setting? I noticed in another post that prolific worked for a user on Win XP (originally I used windows 10 and then tried XP with no success)

    Any help wold be appreciated. Thanks

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    Solved: Managed to get connection using the Port 1 with no issues


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      Port 1 is the Programming port (K-Sequence Slave). Port 2 CAN be a Programming port, if it's configured that way. Also, the funky 15 pin-out on Port 2 could have been the issue in combination with your cable.
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        I've had problems with Win 10's Prolific driveer hijacking my Koyo USB-serial adapter on multiple occasions... makes me want to slap around some developer! I haven't found a way to keep the OS from thinking its smarter than me. Reminds me of Win 95, where it would wake up each morning with the built-in serial port being a different number depending on the phase of the moon.