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Banner Q130 Radar / BRX

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  • Banner Q130 Radar / BRX

    Does anyone have experience Interfacing A Banner Q130 Radar with a PLC? I'm am using a BRX. It's easy to configure the sense distance, and signal level with the Banner application using a PC. Can you use a PLC to set these parameters?

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    you might be able to use a PLC output on the gray remote teach wire to set some parameters but it would be clunky.


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      It should be possible to have sets of cascaded drums to enter/exit programming mode.
      I am not familiar enough with BRX drums to suggest using them for the actual programming params. But it may be possible using times/events.
      This could eliminate a bunch of conditional logic.

      [EDIT] It may be easier to just build bit patterns in 32-bit words - pump them out to the banner device as needed
      I do not see that the radar ever expects to use 2 or 3 consecutive (OFF) high states. - this could be detected by your pumping logic to begins working on the next instruction/parameter word.

      I would advise using a transistor output for this. A sinking output would minimize extra hardware for the signal inversion.
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