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  • Port 2 RS232 Question

    Hi all... searched a bit and couldn't find my topic so sorry in advance if it's already been covered. I am trying to send two simple hex strings to a lighting controller. One for on and one for off. I have tried using hex to ascii converters and am having no luck. Here are the strings I need to send.... also... I have seen some add a carriage return?
    02 62 30 ed 5e 05 11 ff

    02 62 30 ed 5e 05 13 00

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Side note.... Trying to control an Insteon Powerlinc.
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    Which PLC?
    Also, many times the device on the other end will look for a CRLF, so if your code won't work, then try adding it.
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      In another thread you were using a CLICK, it that the case here?
      Do you need to literally send hex as ASCII, or does the device want binary data?, if the latter, look at the "embed ASCII code" option in the "SEND" box, (click the bar on the right to get values higher than $7F) to see how character constants are formatted, also click the "Help" button, the help is actually pretty good.


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        Sorry for the lack of information.... PLC is a CLICK. Unsure right now of which model but it has 3 com ports and relay outputs. The hex strings I wrote in the original post are the exact strings pulled when running a port sniffer when original hardware is being used to send.


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          Did the sniffer indicate voltage level and idle state?
          Insteon docs indicate 19,200 baud 8 data bits No parity 1 stop bit

          If you are using the 2413S, this is the port pinout from the quick start guide
          Pin 1: RS232 to PC pin 2 (Rx)
          Pin 2: Not connected
          Pin 3: TTL output (from PLM)
          Pin 4: Not connected
          Pin 5: Not connected
          Pin 6: TTL input (from PLM)
          Pin 7: Common ground
          Pin 8: RS232 from PC pin 3 (Tx)
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