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D4-454 Connectivity Issues

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  • D4-454 Connectivity Issues

    I have two D4-454 PLCs with an H4ECOM100 communications module for each connected to my management network. PLC1 has a program containing 2151 rungs of code, PLC2 has a program with 1904 rungs. Both comm links are configured the same (except for IP addresses) and all devices are located in the same cabinets. Both PLCs are interacted with by three separate C-More Panels. These PLC / C-More set ups are controlling various sliding doors as well as turning off and on lighting and receptacles via relay controlled by the PLCs. Not a lot going on simultaneously to cause a lot of traffic. My issue is that I can connect remotely to PLC1 but cannot connect to PLC2 remotely. I have many other D4-450 and D0-06 PLCs throughout my faculty that present no issues with connecting remotely to view / manipulate the program logic. Any thoughts of where to begin troubleshooting for an issue like this would be appreciated.