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External Numeric Keypad to Click via RS232

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  • External Numeric Keypad to Click via RS232

    I have an application where I need to use an external numeric keypad to send values to a Click PLC. Finding an ASCII keypad is harder than I expected so I found a USB keyboard to RS232 ASCII interface. My question is they offer the interface in both DCE and DTE versions. Which should I use and/or other sources for an ASCII keypad that would be easier to interface (without spending a couple hundred $ on an antique keyboard/keypad)

    Thanks for the help!


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    For just over $100

    free software
    2 year warranty
    no dte/dce questions
    no unusual maintenance issues
    no replacement issues
    powered from click serial port
    designed to work with click


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      100% what kewakl posted. Do not waste your time on an ASCII keypad. There's no reason to unless you just looking to make something more difficult than it has to be.


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        Thanks, guys. I have numerous c-more micros, c-mores, etc. in applications. I don't need/want a touchscreen with a small keypad in this case. For this application, I NEED a tactile numeric keypad.