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Click plc - modbus ip - wireless router - android app

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  • Click plc - modbus ip - wireless router - android app

    ​​​​​​I have a click C0-11DRE-D plugged in to a dedicated WiFi router (without internet.)
    I'm struggling to get any bit / bool to display properly on Android apps. All bit addresses show as a 1 / on in the Android app even though they are off / 0.
    I have some analog signal inputs that are displaying properly through the app. They display pressures and levels as they should. It's just all of the bit addresses that are always read as 1 for some reason that I'm struggling with, and in 2 different apps.Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I have the same issue with 2 different apps. There are other bit addresses too with the same issue. I did try adding 1 to the address which did not help. Any idea what I'm missing / doing wrong?

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    isn't there a certain number of digits the click has to have for an address, like having to add a couple zeros?


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      I've had the same problem with Suppanel and my ClickPLC, I think the problem is that the driver is for embedded ModbusTCP and not the more common Open Modbus TCP.
      I think this because there is no place to set the Modbus Station ID.

      I suggest you crosspost this to


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        I had success with your configuration using Click SW/FW Version 2.60 and Suppanel Version 1.18.87.

        You may want to try only a single control and the connection control to verify the basic functionality.


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          Hi, new to click. ordered a C0-12DRE-1-D. playing with the code . Basically trying to do what your doing. plan on using suppanel as HMI to change analog output speed 4-20ma
          I come from the C-ligix world and this is driving me nuts.

          Could I see your click code you are using to change the output parameters?


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            Been watching a butt load of the videos. Click is kinda a cross between PLC5 programming and C-logix. The analog clock video turned on a light ( No Pun Intended)
            Click uses a copy command instead of a move.
            I just need to copy a Real number, I think click calls it an DS (integer), into DF5 in a free running rung.
            Looks like you have to use its modbus address when read/write to an HMI.

            Being I'm not doing any math to the analog output, I think I can even skip the copy command and have the HMI write directly into the DF5 register. Modbus address 428681

            Sorry to bug you guys.


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              Copy will copy the tag values. -select how you want the Copy instruction to work in the left side of the instruction's edit dialog.
              ('copy' seems a more appropriate instruction name as it is NOT destructive, a MOV instruction should (but doesn't) destroy the source data - since it should MOVE the data)
              DS is Single word Data (INT may correspond to SINT)
              DD is Double word Data (INT may correspond to DINT)
              DF is Double word Float (FLOAT/REAL -- or whatever terminology your device uses)
              If your HMI is NOT a CMORE (with access to the CLICK DRIVER) you will have to use the Modbus address. You can find that in the CLICK Tag Picker (Address Database) by ticking the Display Modbus Address - and selecting which format to use (984/hex)

              It may be necessary to add or subtract 1 to/from the listed Modbus address.
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                Here is a post I did with the Click PLC and Suppanel.

                I hope this helps you out.

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