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GS EDRV100 Block Transfer Parameters

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  • GS EDRV100 Block Transfer Parameters

    I'm using a BRX processor that is talking to a GS-EDRV100, which is connected to a GS2 drive. I'm a little confused with the Block Transfer Parameters.

    It looks like in the 'Write GS2 Register' dialog box that Block Transfer Parameters 1-5 are reserved for use by the EDRV, which is understandable, don't touch.

    Block Parameter 6 looks like it can be set for 0.00-8.01 and 9.99. I'm assuming that setting this tells the GS2 which parameter I'd like connected to the Block Transfer slot. Do I just set the config parameter here? And then subsequent reads from Block Transfer Parameter 6 will show the data that I was interested in? What if I want to write to a register? Do subsequent writes write data through to the targeted register? Or does it change the data register Block Transfer slot 6 is looking at?

    The manuals are a little light on examples for this particular item.


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    Look at the GSREGRD and GSREGWR instructions. They utilize that mechanism via those instructions, which are integrated as part of the Ethernet I/O driver of Do-more. "It just works".
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      Ok, so I'm getting back to this today. I have a GSREGWR instruction in the ladder that I'm trying to set up. I have a bunch of other registers that I'm configuring (Motor nameplate amps/volts, etc.) I'm trying to add the block transfer parameters to this instruction. Specifically, I'm trying to set P9.16 to 631. This should (if I'm understanding this correctly) set the Block Transfer Parameter 6 to report the contents of P6.31 (Present fault record). When I click the OK button, I get an error message that states "Destination Register 9.16 exists as a struct member .BlockParameter6" and will not allow me to add that setting to the GSREGWR instruction.

      It does not appear to be "just working". Perhaps I'm not understanding how to set those registers from the PLC, or perhaps it's not possible.