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RHMI not communicating with Click panel

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  • RHMI not communicating with Click panel


    I have 9 Productivity PLCs, and 1 Click PLC.

    I have a C-More EA9-T8CL which connects to all of the PLC's perfectly fine.

    I just got a RHMI. I've built screens to connect to the productivity PLCs, and those work as expected. I get a PLC-001 (timeout) error when I try to connect to the Click.

    All of the HMI's and PLCs are on the same subnet, and should be able to communicate. The EA9-T8CL still talks to the Click, but the RHMI does not.

    I've compared the settings in the Panel Manager of both the EA9-T8CL and RHMI in the C-more programming tool, and the settings for the Click PLC are identical. The RHMI ethernet settings appear to be set up correctly with the correct IP, mask, and gateway for my network.

    Just wondering what else I can check.


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    Pics of both panel manager setup dialogs?


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      Can't you just change the panel model and use the same project?


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        Apparently, there is no need.

        I came in this morning and the RHMI was communicating with the Click. Nothing was changed over the weekend.

        Not sure why it wasn't working on Friday.


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          Okay. Further update. It stopped again. The RHMI is working, but as soon as I navigated to a screen on the T8CL displaying values from the Click, it started giving me timeout errors. So this time, its the T8CL not connecting.

          Apparently the Click doesn't like it when two EA9 panels connect simultaneously and attempt to request the same value.

          Edit: Confirmed. As soon as I turned off the RHMI, the T8CL started connecting again.


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            CLICK Ethernet supports 3 Modbus TCP Server connections. See CLICK helpfile topic CL234. The HMI's are each using 1 connection each, are the PLCs also communicating with eachother?


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              I considered that. Its just the two HMI's, so it shouldn't be a problem.

              I'm wondering if one of the connections isn't closing properly.


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                Please check with DataView the System Coil "SC92, Port 1 Connection Limit". This will be your indicator that the 3 Server Connections are all consumed.