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P1540 to EA9-T10WCL via direct ethernet

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  • P1540 to EA9-T10WCL via direct ethernet

    I have connected a P1 550 to this type of HMI before, so I am familiar with the process. But this 540 is not connecting. Either I'm making a stupid mistake or there is something malfunctioning in the unit. I just need some confirmation.
    in the PLC CPU module I have set the ethernet port to "use the following" IP= subnet Default I am not able to put anything in the Preferred DNS. plc rejects it and says something about firmware when I try. is this an issue? I have left both preferred and alternative DNS empty.
    In the HMI, in panel manager, under ethernet and dev001. PLC protocol is set to Automation direct productivity ethernet. direct connection is marked. PLC IP address PLC Port 502 plc slave number 1 retries 1 timeout 3 poll time 0

    Is there any pertinent information that I missed? or is there something wrong in the information I gave?

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    I would verify if the HMI Ethernet port is set for DHCP or a fixed IP address. I would always use a fixed IP address.
    This is in the Panel Network option on the main menu | Setup | Panel Network... On the left-hand side select Ethernet.
    Just a thought.
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      I hate to ask this: Have you transferred the projects to the respective devices? Don't ask!

      Also, have you checked with a different CAT5/6 cable? Change ports on any ethernet switch?


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        lol Kewaki yup got that locked down, even rang the cable out
        Garry this worked. I am slightly confused why though. I never had to assign my HMI port before. Somehow they just worked? I don't know why. I am slightly concerned I may need to go back to all my other machines and set them statically to assure peace of mind. Thanks though very helpful!


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          I have had problems with some 'home/work-made' cables.
          the tester said that the cables were good but pac/cmore hated them.


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            Yeah I did whip this one up this morning because I ran out of factory cables. Good info, I will keep that in mind next time I have issues like this.


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              I use the Klein testers, they check factors the el'cheapos don't.
              Also When checking hand made patch cables I tug on them viscously,