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P3K Additional Ethernet port

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  • P3K Additional Ethernet port

    I had a post about this awhile ago but I cant seem to find the post anymore. Has there been any progress or decision made to look at having an add in card for the P3K for additional Ethernet ports?

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    Is this your other thread?

    Click on your user name where it shows up in a posting, and one of the choices is "show posts by", that's how I found it in a minute.
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      The optional Ethernet module is something we’re looking at for P3000, but not still no good time frame on when this will be made available.

      However, we are planning to add a feature enhancement to the P2000 CPU, P2-550, that will allow you to open the remote I/O port to other supported protocols. So far this is looking like a possible Q2 2016 release.


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        Need for second Ethernet Port(s)

        One reason to have the second port is so you can talk to other devices with the PLC and not tie up the main port with lots of traffic.

        We have had this before and wound up having to use managed switches to reduce the traffic on the network to improve the response speed of the CMore displays and still get decent speed to remote devices.



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          I noticed that this thread hasn't been active for some time now, and I was interested in the progress of opening up the second Ethernet port for the P2000. There was a mention about a possible Q2 2016 release, but apparently that timeframe has come and gone. Is there any possibility of this feature coming about soon? I have a customer that has a need for this right now.


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            Ah how time passes