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DL06 Modbus/TCP to ViewMarq

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  • DL06 Modbus/TCP to ViewMarq

    I am having problems writing to a ViewMarq marquee. I have set up the code from the manual (pages7-76 down) and the code does not automatically write to the marquee...BUT...if I force coil C0 to true it writes the VPrint string each time I toggle C0 manually.

    I have compared this several time and can't get it to automatically update.

    Second question is when I do print the string, can I embed a V memory register to display a value straight out of the PLC ?

    I have tried V6000:B but the text prints up to that point and stops.
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    You will need to change the SP124 to the correct port you are using on the PLC. If you are using port 2, it will need to be changed to SP116.

    You can embed V-memory into the VPRINT instruction. Please take a look at Page 5-221 of the DL06 user manual for more information.
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      Yep, The sp124 had to match my port. I changed it to sp126 since I am using port 4. In the setup of the communication port reads and writes I had set up the port already (since the example is for the ECOM to be in port 1 and mine is in 4).

      It still did not work and I never did find out where the C0 coil gets set so I added logic to trigger it and then marquee worked great.

      The DL06 is a great little plc...I was able to send some complex text statements with embedded variables.

      Thanks for the help
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