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  • PMT to PLC

    I am currently trying to read data coming in from a PMT through a DirectLogic06 PLC. I have port two configured with non-sequence and all the other parameters have been changed to fit the specs of the PMT. The problem I keep having is that I never seem to be recieving any data from the PMT. I am assuming I am just initializing the PMT incorrectly. The PMT has a few CR commands that need to be sent to it in order to start collecting data.

    That is the PMT datasheet for reference.

    Attached is a picture of my ladder diagram that I am using to try to recieve ANY data. For now I just need fixes to start recieving anything, I will worry about formatting later.

    Looking at the ladder diagram does anybody have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?
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    The first thing I see is that you are not using the Port busy bit SP116 to condition your rungs.

    The second question is, did you jumper RTS and CTS on the PLC side?

    The third question is did you leave enough contiguous unused addresses after the setup address that you used in the setup for port 2 for non-sequence? It takes quite a few.
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