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P3000 IP Address by program

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  • P3000 IP Address by program

    Is there a way, or soon to be a way to configure the External Ethernet IP parameters under program control. Something similar to the IBOX IP Setup in Direct Soft.

    I'm doing a large project that will end up in China that will have 3 PACs communicatiing with each other and other devices. If I can control the IP address from the program. I can utilize the large program space of the PAC to allow only 1 program code for all 3. I would use some jumpers hardwired to a a couple of the inputs to select which IP and which tasks will be active.

    This way, I can give the customer 1 USB Flash Drive for program uploads and he won't have to juggle between them. And especially, when I send upgrades via email, since the file name for all 3 PACs must be the same, he won't accidently load the wrong one.

    I've done this in the past with 06 ad 260's and would like to continue with the PAC