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Desperate! need modbus help

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  • Desperate! need modbus help

    I have a new system with a 260 cpu, ECOM100 in slot 7 connected via ethernet to an IFM Efector AC1353 ASi bus RFID system. I can read the tags using the ECRX instruction but cannot write them with ECWX. Has anyone done this successfully? I have only today to get this up and running and don't have much hair left! I have used the modbus address conversion spreadsheet to get what I think are the correct v-memory locations, but it just doesn't work.

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    I am not familiar with the IFM AC1353, but it would be helpful to know how you have the ECWX instruction setup.
    ECOM100#, workspace, slave ID, from master element, # of bytes, etc...

    What address are you trying to write to in the AC1353?

    How is your ECRX setup?

    Can you give an example of how you converted the address to the v-memory location?

    What are the conversion results you came up with?

    Again, I doubt I can help, but this information will allow others to possibly be of more assistance.


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      ECWX setup is as follows:

      ECOM100# K0
      WORKSPACE V510
      Slave ID K1
      from Master Element V2400
      Number of Bytes K2
      to Slave Element V11271
      Success C400
      Error C401

      I used the Excel modbus conversion spreadsheet from the A.D. application notes area to convert IFM's 4794 address (44794) to V11271.

      Changing the hi byte of 4794 from 0065Hex to 0165Hex is supposed to transfer the data in (4)4795 thru (4)4811 (V11272 thru V11312) to the IFM unit and trigger the write sequence, but so far, nothing.

      The ECRX instruction setup is:

      ECOM100# K0
      Workspace V504
      Slave ID K1
      from Slave Element V10046 (from the Excel spreadsheet)
      Number of Bytes K3
      to Master Element V3100
      Success C175
      Error C176

      and it will read the tags.

      Any ideas?