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PAC 3000 External Ethernet Port

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  • PAC 3000 External Ethernet Port

    In the help instructions:

    Communications Port Configuration/External Ethernet Port Settings/d. TCP/IP Settings/ The IP Setting of this Port may be changed in several ways/(3rd Bullet Item)

    "The Settings may be changed on the fly by writing to the appropriate System Tags (External IP xxxxx) and triggering the Ethernet Change Settings (internal system boolean) bit. This can be done through Data View or in ladder logic."

    I can't find the above referenced system tags. I just downloaded the latest version to be sure. When will these appear?

    I'm doing a large project with 3 PACs, 5 Touch-screens, and numerous external Modbus TCP enabled devices to communicate to. If I can change the IP address of each PAC via ladder logic, I can write only one program and have a couple of discrete inputs configure the PAC"s IP and select which Tasks to enable.

    The end user, then only needs 1 USB Flash Drive to store his backup program and doesn't have to worry about confusing them.

    DJE Design Automation LLC

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    The functionality described there in the help file was dropped from the product late in the development cycle.

    We missed cleaning up the help file. That note shouldn't be in there. We'll correct the help file by removing that statement.

    We do plan to eventually get that functionality back in the product, but it is not yet scheduled. We can't promise a time frame for implementation. Your post to the forum will raise its priority though.


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      Any progress on this?
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        Unfortunately no, however it is still on our list of improvements.
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          Oh, do work on the priority items!

          Thanks for the reply!


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            Is this feature left to dissolve in the nature? Are you still thinking implementing an IP change via system tags in a foreseeable future?