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Productivity Suite DWX, RX,WX lose remote tags

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  • Productivity Suite DWX, RX,WX lose remote tags

    Ver 1.4.1(1)

    DWX, RX and WX instructions *lose* tags of remote project.
    I usually open the project from the PC, then transfer the program from the PAC. After changes, I attempt to transfer to PAC, I get compile errors.
    I have to re-enter the remote tags in SEVERAL DWX/RX/WX instructions.

    Any help?

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    This is a known issue with with no known work around and this will be corrected in the next release version, but we currently do not have a release date.


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      Hope the release data is soon, it is very annoying spending 10 minutes doing this again.
      Do you know what sequence of events causes this? I could try to avoid causing it.


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        Workaround for missing tags RX & WX instructions

        It appears there is a work around to keep from having this issue, it is caused by the remote project path does not match were the current project is actually stored. If you read a project into the RX or WX instruction, then move the project, the path is no longer correct, thus causing the issue. Currently this is the only way we can create the problem.

        See attached .png
        Attached Files
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          Thank you. If this works, then you will save me countless edits!

          NO LUCK.
          Still losing remote tags. The local project folder location has not changed this week and some remote projects have NOT changed folder locations for months!
          Wow. I need the next release.
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            shut down yesterday. NO CHANGES.
            Restarted this afternoon. Guess what?
            LOST REMOTE TAGS.............


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              I seem to be losing ONLY Non-Array tags.


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                This morning...
                Transferred to PAC, saved, went offline and shutdown Productivity Suite.
                Worked with another plc package.
                Restarted Productivity Suite.

                Lost remote tags again. NO path changes. NO project filename changes.
                Odd, only a DWX instruction lost tags.


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                  I am FORCED to put this project on hold until A-D releases a version that does NOT LOSE REMOTE PROJECT TAGS.

                  I lose tags in about 30 comms instructions!

                  As stated earlier..... NO filename changes ......NO pathname changes......


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                    Productivity Suite DWX, RX,WX lose remote tags

                    I would like to apologize for the issues you are having using our Productivity Suite Softare. We are in the process of testing this new release with the corrected fix for losing remote tags, but do not have a solid release date that I can give to you at this point.


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                      Any updates?
                      This has been a sticking point for about 2 months.
                      I would like to have this resolved.



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                        Good news..we are in the final stages of testing of the new firmware & software for the Productivity Suite software. If all goes well in the testing, you should see something in 2-3 weeks.


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                          I would be happy to BETA test the new version!


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                            New Version is released.

                            Will see if my problem is resolved.
                            THANK YOU!
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                              Initial issues...
                              Hang -or- sluggish during save.
                              I aborted the first save (CTRL-ALT-DEL).

                              The new 'COMPLETE ARRAY' feature in the data view may cause some problems with saving the project.
                              My V14 project has *VERY MANY* tabs in the data view. Many of these tabs have SELECTED elements of the same array. This array is AR2S32 (600 rows by 100 cols)

                              In V15, all occurrences of TrayData(x),(y) were replaced with
                              THE WHOLE ARRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                              This would be a nightmare to save!
                              I deleted MOST of my dataview tabs, Project Save dropped to 5-6 seconds!!!

                              Thankfully, in V15, if you DO SPECIFY the array element indexes, these indexes are maintained. If you DO NOT specify the array indexes, the whole array is added.
                              In V14, if you DID NOT specify the indexes, the FIRST index of each dimension was assumed.
                              Have not figured out how to DELETE rows in data view.
                              V14, if you delete a row with a tag, the ROW was deleted.
                              V15 if you delete ANY row, the CONTENTS are removed, but the empty row remains.
                              CPA Help reference FIXED
                              Strings IN/OUT ethernet. Haven't verified, BUT Thanks. Release Note Item 12.
                              Release Note 5. Search for Instruction/Comment. Thanks!
                              Release Note 5.
                              The ability to Monitor values to a Dataview window from any instruction or from a ladder rung(s).

                              Watch out! Each time a NEW DATAVIEW is created!

                              Quitting time, maybe more later.

                              (16:48 2011-11-23)
                              Dataview ... The EDIT field of multiple occurrences of same tagname... ALL EDIT FIELDS FOLLOW LAST EDIT CHANGE.
                              -If I have MotorEnable (bool) in two rows of the dataview, I would want to have one row edit field checked and the other row have the edit field unchecked.
                              Ver would allow this. Ver has killed this feature.
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