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P3000 to GS2 using RS232 modbus and FA-ISOCON

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  • P3000 to GS2 using RS232 modbus and FA-ISOCON

    Trying to MRX/MWX a bank of GS2s through an FA-ISOCON using the P3-550 RS232 port. The FA-ISOCON is being used on the RS232 port to provide isolation between the PAC and the drives.

    I have done this using a DL06 and was hoping to port my logic from that application to the P3-550. So far, so good, except I'm stuck figuring the modbus address to use in the MRX instruction.

    For my test, I am trying to read the firmware version from the GS2 at modbus 48465 decimal but I am getting an illegal address exception response.

    I suspect that I am improperly forming the modbus address in the MRX instruction but am at a loss as to where to find more information or examples.

    Any suggestions?

    (see screenshot here:
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    Try using the address 8465 instead of 48465. The instruction itself provides the '4'



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      Now i feel stupid. Worked like a charm. That's what you get for trying to think late night. I'll use the excuse that the MRX dialog +400,000 not +40,000 threw me...

      Thanks for the weekend response, saves some face not making a Monday morning call to support! Now that I'm walking, time to see about running...