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C-more EA9 software v6.40 (Released November 15, 2017)

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  • C-more EA9 software v6.40 (Released November 15, 2017)

    Product: C-more software (EA9 panels)
    Version: 6.40
    Release Date: November 15, 2017

    AutomationDirect has released firmware and programming software version 6.40 for the C-more EA9 series touch panels, EA9-PGMSW.
    Supports ONLY C-more EA9 Series touch panels. These touch panel part numbers are EA9-TxCL.

    This version includes the following New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes:

    New Features
    1. Support for EA9-T10WCL and EA9-T15CL-R
    2. Added Screen Capture Quality setting in Event Manager
    3. Added Screen Capture Time Stamp and folder structure to allow multiple screen captures to be saved
    4. Added Random Password Keypad position selection to Panel Manager
    5. External Device folder structure created in PC Documents folder for Simulation: C:\Users\%User%\Documents\AutomationDirect\C-more\Simulation\Default

    1. Security Updates

    Bug Fixes

    1. Sound Event – “Error OBJ-020: Select Sound File” displayed even though sound file is already selected

    1. Do-more Symbolic Driver: String data of even lengths shows old data
    2. Do-more Serial Built-In Memory driver, "PLC-029: MemVer ERR HMI:1 PLC: XXXXXXXXX" error displayed incorrectly when Transmit is direct looped back to Receive. Should be a "PLC-009: Different function code received from PLC" error instead.
    3. Project screen is not redrawn after using CLEAR ALL command on system screen for External Device such as SD Card or USB drive.

    To download C-more software, please use this link: