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Productivity Suite software v3.1.0.11 (Released December 13, 2017)

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  • Productivity Suite software v3.1.0.11 (Released December 13, 2017)

    Product: Productivity Suite software
    Release Date: December 13, 2017

    AutomationDirect has released version of the Productivity Suite software for Productivity Series PLCs.

    1. Added support for the new P2-xxND3-1 discrete input modules.
    2. Right click option added in ladder editor for show ladder options.
    Bug fixes:
    1. Pressing "Tab" in the Rung Comments Dialog not working as expected.
    2. Changing some HSI/HSO configuration items does not force a Stop Mode Transfer.
    3. Fields not being disabled when using structures with HSO instructions.
    4. Windows 10 causes flashing cursor on module drag & drop in HW configuration.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Using this version of Productivity Suite to save or download a project created with previous versions may alter the project and its functionality. Making backup copies of projects is recommended.

    To download this update and see complete release notes, please visit: