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CLICK PLC firmware/software v2.30 (Released October 3, 2018)

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  • CLICK PLC firmware/software v2.30 (Released October 3, 2018)

    Product: CLICK software and firmware
    Version: 2.30
    Release Date: October 3, 2018

    AutomationDirect has released CLICK programming software and firmware version 2.30 for CLICK PLC. The firmware is included with the software download.

    This update includes the following improvements:
    1. Ethernet CPU models with DC Inputs now support High Speed Counting and Timing.
    2. Number of Interrupt Programs increased from 12 to 32.
    3. Ethernet CPU models now allow Pulse Catch on all Built in Inputs.
    4. Connect to Ethernet PLC, remember last Network Adapter choice.
    5. Spelling correction in the CPU Built-in I/O Setup, "Pluse" to "Pulse".
    6. Write Project into PLC, text change to better explain the download option.
    7. New toolbar icons for "High Speed Input" and "Software Setup"
    8. System Configuration, Select a CPU Module, corrected text descriptions of some CPUs.
    9. Ethernet CPU models communication timers operate differently than Non-Ethernet CPU's.
    10. Ethernet CPU models with serial port in ASCII mode will not receive less than 2 characters.
    11. Ethernet CPU models don't recognize the ON status of discrete inputs during the first scan.
    12. Math error when using complex order of operations.
    13. Added Error 108 to catch Interrupt Watchdog Timer Error.
    14. While offline the software might not identify the CPU model correctly from a CLICK project.
    15. Ethernet CPU models Ethernet interface might stop due to high network traffic.
    To download this update and see complete release notes, please visit: