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Productivity Suite software v3.4.0.16 (Released December 12, 2018)

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  • Productivity Suite software v3.4.0.16 (Released December 12, 2018)

    Product: Productivity Suite software
    Release Date: December 12, 2018

    AutomationDirect has released version of the Productivity Suite software for Productivity Series PLCs.

    This version contains numerous bug fixes and improvements. Please check the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of changes.

    New features/improvements:
    1. Updated EMAL instruction to allow selection of Mail Account with corresponding status tags.
    2. Added new Mail Account in Hardware configuration to allow configuration of secure email servers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)
    3. Ability to now synch CPU clock with new Time Sync (TSYN) instruction that works in conjunction with new Network time service configuration.
    4. New Network Time Service configuration that allows configuration of SNTP time servers.
    5. Domain Name Server (DNS) added to CPU Ethernet port configuration.
    6. Integrated GS4 AC drives to be auto discovered using GS4-CM-MODTCP communications option module.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Using this version of Productivity Suite to save or download a project created with previous versions may alter the project and its functionality. Making backup copies of projects is recommended.

    Firmware for Productivity Series CPUs (P1-540, P2-550, P3-530, P3-550, and P3-550E) has also been updated. Firmware binaries for individual CPUs or all-in-one firmware installers can be downloaded here:

    To download this software update and see complete release notes, please visit: