Product: DirectSOFT software
Version: 6.3
Release Date: December 12, 2018

AutomationDirect has released DirectSOFT programming software version 6.3 for the DirectLOGIC series PLCs.

The software is available at

This version includes the following:
  1. New! Support for the new D2-262 PLC.
  2. Updated the following utilities with support for the D2-262 PLC:
    1. ERM Workbench
    2. CTRIO Workbench
    3. DNLoader
    4. NetEdit 3
  3. Fixed: (D2-250-1 PLC only) Now able to correctly enter K2 for Base in ANLGCMB, ANLGIN and ANLGOUT.

To download DirectSOFT software, please use this link: