Product: Do-more! Designer software
Version: 2.5
Release Date: March 27, 2019

AutomationDirect has released the Do-more! Designer programming software version 2.5 for the Do-more! series PLCs.

This version includes the following:
  1. New! Support for the new expansion modules:
    1. Motion: BX-HSIO1 and BX-HSIO2
    2. Serial Communications: BX-SERIO
  2. New Connect to PLC dialog
  3. New instructions:
    1. AXSCRIPT – Run a sequence of axis commands (BRX only)
    2. HTTPCMD – HTTP Request/Response with Server (BRX only)
    3. JSONBUILD – Build JSON record (BRX only)
    4. JSONPARSE – Parse JSON text (BRX only)
    5. PWMOUT – Pulse Width Modulated Output (BRX only)
  4. BRX MQTT Client expanded to include MQTTS, QoS 1, and Persistent Session type
  5. BRX TDOPRESET supports triggering Interrupt Service Routines

Please review the UPDATE.PDF file for more details on these and many more additions/improvements/corrections.

To download this update, please visit: