Product: Productivity Suite software and firmware
Release Date: June 5, 2019

AutomationDirect has released version of the Productivity Suite software for Productivity Series PLCs.

This version adds the following improvements and bug fixes:

1.) Added support for new P1 Modules (P1-550, P1-02AC, P1-01DC, P1-02HSC, P1-04PWM, P1-04AD, P1-08ADL-1, P1-08ADL-2, P1-08DAL-1, P1-08DAL-2)
2.) New Task Library feature that allows you to have a task from one project to use in another project.
3.) Integrated support for Protos X system to be used as Remote I/O.
4.) Expanded support for up to 15 I/O modules.

Bugs Fixes:
1.) Array's in Data view not displaying data correctly after collapsing or expanding.
2.) Can't add additional steps to Ramp Soak (RPS) instruction once changes are accepted.
3.) SFR Instruction not functioning correctly when right after a Counter Instruction.
4.) Email does not work with array tags (Using Tags as the index).
5.) Using Find/Replace Tool adds prefix to new tag when trying to replace tag that is contained in index of an array.
6.) Sequencer step time stopping after period of time.
7.) Cannot Edit Project while in Debug mode dialog displayed with Autosave turned on.
8.) BOW compiler error against a tag with bit of word contact and an array element coil.
9.) SFR Instruction does not seem to properly processing when input or output is an array with an tag as an index.
10.) Word Swap 32 not retaining setting in Modbus Server settings.
11.) Array tag comments not showing in print preview or actual print.
12.) Changing the elements in the Ethernet/IP Adapter and doing a run time transfer does not change the elements.
13.) Tags may not be created from within an instruction in some situations.
14.) Project "saved" and "CPU up to date" are out of synch when TSYN Instruction is used.
15.) Able to delete MST tags in Tag DB when in Debug mode.
16.) Making no change to a tag name in the TagDB counts as a change in the project.
17.) Transferring a project, with tag(s) marked as retentive, from CPU can cause the project to become corrupted.
18.) When adding a subrung using keyboard shortcuts can cause the ladder to shift display area.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Using this version of Productivity Suite to save or download a project created with previous versions may alter the project and its functionality. Making backup copies of projects is recommended.

To download this software update and see complete release notes, please visit: