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CLICK PLC firmware/software v2.50 (Released September 18, 2019)

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  • CLICK PLC firmware/software v2.50 (Released September 18, 2019)

    Product: CLICK software and firmware
    Version: 2.50
    Release Date: September 18, 2019

    AutomationDirect has released firmware and programming software version 2.50 for the CLICK Series of PLCs, C0-PGMSW.
    This version includes the following Bug Fixes and New Feature:

    New Features
    1. Support 8 PID Control Loops
    2. The values in all retentive addresses in the PLC can be saved to the project file through the Software Setup window.


    1. Software Version is now displayed in the Software Header.
    2. Cross Reference View now improved to show addresses assigned: Analog I/O, High Speed Inputs, EtherNet/IP, PID.
    3. The programming software will now correctly prevent assigning invalid IP's to the CPU.

    1. The Built-in Analog Inputs of Ethernet CPUs would previously provide filtered values for the first several scans.

    Fixed Bugs

    1. Nickname Export incorrectly includes all TXT addresses.
    2. Nickname Import would not import initial values of TXT addresses.
    3. When a sub-rung was added using <Enter>, then a wire is drawn using <Ctrl+DwnArrow>. After Compile, the new sub-rung was moved below all previous sub-rungs.
    4. ASCII Send Instruction could be created with more than the allowed 8 Embedded Addresses.
    5. During Syntax Checking, Rung comments on rungs with no ladder instructions might be deleted.
    6. Calendar/Clock Setup - the Time of PLC would be displayed incorrectly as "00:XX" instead of 12:XXAM and 12:XXPM.

    1. High Speed Counter in Quadrature mode and Counting Modes x1 or x2, would continue counting in the previous direction with loss of A or B input signals.
    2. Copy Single Instruction, using a Hex Constant in Binary mode actually performed a Value operation.
    3. Compare Contact operates incorrectly with DD registers and values over 0x01000000.
    4. A Timer in Retained Mode and a certain combination of Contacts and Branches, the Timer would run even while disabled.
    5. EtherNet/IP, Initial setting of the Clear Output Data option did not apply correctly.

    To download CLICK software, please use this link: