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C-more EA9 software v6.52 (Released October 14, 2019)

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  • C-more EA9 software v6.52 (Released October 14, 2019)

    Product: C-more software (EA9 panels)
    Version: 6.52
    Release Date: October 14, 2019

    AutomationDirect has released firmware and programming software version 6.52 for the C-more EA9 series touch panels, EA9-PGMSW.
    This version includes the following Improvements and Bug Fixes:

    Installation Files are now digitally signed

    Bug Fixes
    1. Tag Cross Reference causing Windows Exception Error
    2. Exported Screen Image, Background Screen is not shown
    3. FTP and Email Addresses cannot be deleted from the Address book
    4. Event Manager Export will not import
    5. Resolution Difference window displayed when simulating a project set for VGA 640x480 resolution – GUI-235
    1. Password Protected object causing panel to lockup – Blinking Orange RUN LED
    2. Using new System Update that updates firmware and downloads project in one step fails and displays “Unsupported File Version”
    3. Event Manager - Mail Action -when Email is setup for TLS port 587, email is sent to first recipient only.

    To download C-more software, please use this link: